Current Items - New FEMA Maps - Current Motions

Here is your link to the new FEMA Maps. Town 
Manager James McKenna mentioned at the last Council Meeting that FEMA will be scheduling
a hearing in the upcoming months in Winthrop to discuss the new maps and the effects that they will have on the Town of Winthrop and its citizens and homeowners.




Parking Motion For Consideration


The following Motion will be submitted on
December 17, 2013 for consideration by the Town Council. What do you think?

      Please send me your comments!    


A motion is made to make the newly paved parking lots adjacent to the Pond Street Park, The Larsen Rink, Highlands/Darymple School and the  Crest Avenue Parking lot and extension paid for parking facilities. The motion
instructs the Town Manager to create a new parking sticker enabling parking in  the lot from 6:00pm-8:00am daily. The automobile must exit the parking lot for  snow removal in a reasonable manner. Violators to snow conditions will be  subjected to ticketing and towing. Each parking sticker will enable the  registered automobile to have a single reserved spot in the lot. The charge  will be an annual rate of $375.00. The rate is in effect from January 1 -December 31 and will be pro-rated. Motorcycles must also be registered for the  lot. The space will be leased to the automobile provided all state and local taxes are paid in full. A valid paid automobile excise tax is required but does
not have to be issued by the Town of Winthrop.


All money from this parking program will used to fund a Parks  and Recreation Department sponsored program to establish a Khan Academy or  other early learning programing. Parental funding will be required for a
portion of the programing in line with other Parks and Rec guidelines. The fund  may also be used to fund MCAS, SAT, Character, Wilderness or Parenting  programing as deemed valuable by the Superintendent of Schools.